Maryland Center

Establishment Background


 Strategically located in Shanghai, China's most economically dynamic city, Maryland Center China is well placed to help Maryland companies gain a foothold in the China market. Established in 1996, the Maryland Center China is a public-private partnership whose mission is to develop the commercial relationship between State of Maryland and China. Sponsored by State of Maryland, the office focuses on facilitating Maryland companies' entry into the China market, as well as attracting Chinese FDI to the District. In collaboration with private-sector members of the Maryland business community, the Maryland Center China has a vast network to leverage, including private companies as well as government relations.



Economic Strength of the state


 According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Maryland households are currently the wealthiest in the country, with a 2011 median household income of $70,004. Two of Maryland's counties, Howard and Montgomery, are the third and tenth wealthiest counties in the nation respectively. Also, the state's poverty rate of 9.7 percent is the No. 11 lowest in the country indicated in 2013. Per capita personal income in 2012 was US$ 51,971, 5th in the nation.
 Maryland's economic activity is strongly concentrated in the tertiary service sector. One major service activity is transportation, centered on the Port of Baltimore and its related rail and trucking access. Its port's main cargos are raw materials and bulk cargo, such as iron ore, oil, sugar and fertilizer. A second service activity takes advantage of the close location of the center of government in Washington, D.C. and emphasizes technical and administrative tasks for the defense/aerospace industry and bio-research laboratories, as well as staffing of satellite government headquarters in the suburban or exurban Baltimore/Washington area.
 Maryland's highly developed industries in economy sectors are information industry, telecommunications, aerospace, defense and biotechnology. Manufacturing industries account for 12 in Maryland economic proportion, mostly including food, textile, chemical, printing, steel, metal processing, automotive, aerospace and electronics.
 Maryland's leading industries by employment are health care and social assistance, retail trade, and professional and technical services. Maryland's Gross State Product (GSP) was $295.4 billion in 2010. The Government sector produced $52.1 billion and accounted for 18 percent of Maryland's GSP in 2009.
  In 2011, Maryland's exports to China mainly include waste materials ($233 million), primary metal products ($101 million), computer and electronic ($45 million), chemicals ($74 million) and machinery ($88 million).


Services of the Center


Trade Assistance: We provide consultation and services for Maryland companies in the development of the Chinese market
Government Trade Promotion: We help Maryland businesses establish extensive cooperation with governments in China
Trade Visits: We give assistance to Maryland's enterprises to have business involvement in China
Seminars and Exhibitions: We assist Maryland's and Chinese enterprises to have wider participation in industries Exhibition and Fair for Investment and Trade
Government and Public Relations: We assist government agencies in Maryland to establish extensive cooperation with Chinese Government
Cooperation in Education: We help to strengthen Maryland's cooperation with China in education
Management Training: We offer high-quality education and training services from Maryland for the Chinese government and enterprises
Chinese Agency Services: We provide business agency services for enterprises in Maryland
Business Center: We provide one-stop incubator services for Maryland business